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Looking at Security from 360 Degrees 

Description:  Practice security and compliance is a quagmire of responsibility that most practice managers have been thrown into but never truly provided the information needed to manage it.  More than IT infrastructure, locks and alarms, there are administrative functions that are just as important as the technical aspects.

The term “Security” is more encompassing than most people understand. As an example, Ransomware is a new and complicated threat but do you know how it can gain access into your system AND, what the most recent legal implications of a Ransomware attack are?  Security doesn't have to be expensive IF you are willing to enact some very specific policies and procedures. It’s easier to understand security “requirements” when you know where they originated so we’re going to take a look at a few of them from the “beginning”.

  • Practice Managers will gain new understanding of what Security is supposed to be and what it is supposed to do. This understanding will make Security a more manageable task.
  • Learn about a new “enemy” to the security of the practice you manage.
  • Learn simple and economical things you can do to protect yourself and the practice you represent.

Speaker:  Larry Neiswender, MCSA, Managing Partner; ProtectEHR, LLC


Email Marketing Basics for your Practice

Description:  Email have been a topic of discussion ever since Facebook took over with its social media interactions.  During this webinar the speaker will disucss:

  • Does email marketing work for Healthcare providers?
  • How to reach your target audience using email
  • Should I invest my time in emails and social media?
  • How to measure ROI for emails?

Learn this and much more in this highly interactive webinar.

Speaker:  Ajay Tejwani, President; Digital Marketing Sapiens

EH-ARGHH! Managing Digital Record Risks and Challenges

Description:The rapid push to electronic health records (EHR) has created a vastly different landscape in healthcare creating new risks and challenges for healthcare providers and organizations. This program details top risks with EHRs utilizing case studies and identifies best practices and strategies for mitigating risks.

Specific objectives include 1).  Identification of top EHR risks and impact on patient safety; 2). Review best practices in EHR utilization and  strategies in overcoming implementation challenges; 3). Highlight patient safety issues and with EHRs through case review.

Speaker:  Joyce Bruce, RN, MSN, JD, CPHRM, AVP, Patient Safety & Risk Solutions; MedPro Group

The Fundamentals of Payor Contracting in a Changing Reimbursement Environment

Description: Recent and ongoing changes in the managed care landscape will have significant implications on future reimbursement terms and payor relationships for provider organizations. Providers should be preparing for these changes by developing and executing contracting strategies that result in improved reimbursement terms for existing contracts as well as respond to other emerging reimbursement methodologies from both commercial and government payors. That said, there are multiple contracting strategies to consider - all with varying financial implications. The objective of this webinar is to equip practice managers with a more thorough understanding of the key factors that should be contemplated when crafting a comprehensive contracting strategy as well as a refresher about the fundamental contracting principles and tactics that are still relevant and should be applied in all contracting discussions to minimize ambiguity and maximize effectiveness. 

Speakers:  Katie Fellin, Senior Manager; ECG Management Consultants Ken Steele, Senior Manager; ECG Management Consultants


Taking “Advantage” of the Changing Market – Exploring the Medicare Advantage Opportunity

While not a new concept in the evolving healthcare market, Medicare Advantage is still a bit of an enigma. Many providers are unsure about the value of incorporating Medicare Advantage into a larger value-based or risk-based reimbursement strategy. This webinar is focused on providing an update on current Medicare Advantage market trends – both nationally and locally, as well as providing insights into how Medicare Advantage participation can be a beneficial component of a larger reimbursement strategy. The speakers will review the attributes providers need to have to be attractive partners for Medicare Advantage payors, and will outline the key assumptions that providers must contemplate as they develop and test financial models designed to help inform the Medicare Advantage participation decision. In addition, key implications and considerations of how the Medicare Advantage strategy aligns with providers' commercial plan relationships will be discussed. Finally, the pros and cons of starting a Medicare Advantage plan will be reviewed.

Purvi Bhatt, Senior Manager; ECG Management Consultants
Katie Fellin, Senior Manager; ECG Management Consultants

Why Is Technology Change So Hard?!: Becoming An Effective Technology Change Leader

You’re not imaging it - technology change is often harder than other practice changes! This webinar will review why technology change is so difficult for medical practices. The speaker will also discuss what steps you can take to anticipate and address some of the common challenges with technology change, including: staff resistance, lost productivity, errors, and patient dissatisfaction. 

Julie Rennecker, Founder; The Management Doc

Understanding & Interpreting MGMA Survey Data

This webinar will help you learn to interpret industry trends and understand how MGMA survey data can be useful to your practice. The speaker will also discuss best practices for participating in and completing MGMA surveys to not only gain access to data, but to contribute to industry benchmarks.

Rachel Weber, Data Analyst I; MGMA

5 Post ICD-10 Financial Metrics You HAVE to Monitor!

ICD-10 happened, now what? How do you know if you are being reimbursed more or less since ICD-10? No matter your specialty, no matter your location, these are the questions that are being asked. It is YOUR money, so how do you handle the data? What are the metrics you HAVE to monitor in the age of the Affordable Care Act and ICD-10.

There are five (5) main metrics you NEED to monitor to handle the business of your practice. This webinar will show you how to pull the data you need to make the best decisions for your practice. The numbers are the numbers, you need to know how to read the story they tell.

With real world examples from actual practices, you will learn the how, the what and the why of the five (5) financial metrics you HAVE to monitor to succeed.

Robert Romero, Vice President; MediGain

Medicare’s New Chronic Care Management Initiative – Opportunities for Physician Practices 

Starting in 2015, Medicare will reimburse eligible providers an average rate of $42 per month for each patient with two or more chronic medical conditions. The principle requirement of the Chronic Care Management (CCM) initiative is that the provider or a clinical staff member spends at least 20 minutes with the patient providing “non-face-to-face” chronic care management services. CCM is a unique opportunity for physician practices to expand upon services for which they have not been compensated in the past; such as phone calls, reviewing labs and other types of reports, monitoring data, time-spent interacting with patients via patient portals, certain telemedicine services, etc. The earning potential for a provider with a significant Medicare practice may exceed well in excess of $100,000 per year (per provider). This program in anticipated to grow significantly over the next 18-24 months as practices become familiar with its requirements and CCM’s unique value to the management of complex patients. This webinar will review the documentation, health information technology, and compliance aspects of CCM.  

Michael Stearns, CEO/Founder; Apollo HIT

ICD-10: 4 Steps to Success

ICD-10 is only one month away. This major change could have an impact on your bottom line. As a small business, you can’t afford not to be prepared. This webinar offers four simple steps to help make the transition easier on your practice. The speaker will focus on where to put your attention with so little time left!

Beth Onofri, Market Advisor; Kareo

The True Cost of Patient Collections: Inside & Out

This webinar will provide a comprehensive look into practice revenue cycle management, a review of why positive cash flow is important, and a discussion on recent legislative changes effecting healthcare collections. The speaker will also provide insight into progressive solutions as well as new technologies that can save you time, reduce costs, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of internal collections.

Josh Shipman, Senior Medical Representative; Transworld Systems

How to be Successful Using Speech Recognition in Your EMR

This webinar will cover best practices for speech recognition, the pitfalls in using speech recognition, and why EMR companies recommend certain speech recognition solutions. The speaker will also discuss how to select the right speech recognition solution, which in turn, can reduce costs and save IT resources.

Dean Tullis, President/CEO; Voice Products

Internet Defamation - How to Protect Your Company's Brand in the Digital World

This webinar will cover what healthcare providers need to know about internet defamation, social media, and consumer review sites (Yelp, RateMDs, Healthgrades) and why they should pay attention to these sites. The speakers will also discuss what providers can do when patients post negative or defamatory comments/reviews from both a public relations and legal standpoint.

Jonathan Ishee, Of Counsel; Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease
Paul Kerlin, Attorney; Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease

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